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Oct. 12, 2020

Hawaii: Reopening Soon

Maui Airport Image

It’s been pretty quiet on Maui over the past seven months.

In March, Hawaii Governor David Ige enacted a mandatory 14-day traveler quarantine to fight the spread of COVID-19, a decision that was met with equal parts relief and frustration. Since then, the number of mainland and international visitors has plummeted. In August, the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) reported a 99 percent drop in visitors to Maui County—that is, the islands of Maui, Lanai, and Molokai—compared to the same month in 2019. According to the HTA, of the 2,433 travelers who arrived in Maui County in August, there were 2,341 on Maui, 104 on Molokai, and 78 on Lanai. In stark contrast, Maui County had 278,345 visitors in August of 2019: 273,638 on Maui, 4,860 on Molokai, and 7,739 on Lanai.

After pushing back plans for a pre-travel testing program three times, Governor Ige announced it would be implemented on Thursday, Oct. 15, effectively reopening the state to tourism. As of now, the counties of Kauai and Maui are on board with the program, but Hawaii County has opted out. Amid a recent uptick in new COVID-19 cases on Hawaii Island, Hawaii County will continue with the 14-day mandatory quarantine for all incoming travelers. 

When the pre-travel testing program goes into effect on Oct. 15, out-of-state visitors and returning residents (those traveling to Oahu, Maui, and Kauai) will have the option to skip the 14-day mandatory quarantine if they produce a negative test result from a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their trip’s final leg. 

Here’s the fine print: Passengers ages five and older are required to take a nucleic acid amplification test from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory. Additionally, a trained professional must observe all tests. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, only test results from trusted testing partners approved by the Hawaii Department of Health will be accepted. The list of trusted testing partners includes Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, AFC Urgent Care, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care, Color, CVS Health, Kaiser Permanente (for Kaiser members only), Quest Diagnostics, Vault Health, and Walgreens

It’s also important to note that the state’s mandatory 14-day interisland quarantine is still in effect. Until the governor decides otherwise, anyone who travels between islands must quarantine for two weeks. Additionally, Maui County requires that all residents and visitors ages five and older must wear a face mask or cloth covering the nose and mouth while in public settings. This requirement does not apply to anyone engaging in “permissible exercise activities” (e.g., running, surfing, cycling, etc.) as long as physical distancing is maintained.

To learn more about Hawaii’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, visit For more information about Maui County’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, visit



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Oct. 7, 2020

A Thriving Community

There are plenty of reasons to love living on Maui. There’s the obvious: Breathtaking natural beauty, perfect weather, a slower pace of life, and outdoor activities galore.   

But there’s something else that sets it apart from the rest: A deep sense of community. 

Here, residents go the extra mile to help one another, regardless if they are next-door neighbors or total strangers. Whether it’s joining a search effort for a lost pet, raising money for a child battling cancer, or helping a family pick up the pieces after a devastating house fire, Maui residents embody what it means to be part of a caring community. There are many ways you can get involved. Here are just a few. 

Become a Volunteer 

Want to make a difference—but not sure where to start? The County of Maui Volunteer Center maintains an online directory of volunteer opportunities, everything from building homes with Habitat for Humanity to playing Scrabble with a hospice patient. There are also many nonprofit organizations on Maui that need regular volunteers, as well as board members. 

Foster a Shelter Animal

The Maui Humane Society is the island’s only open admission shelter and provides services to animals and humans alike. Volunteers are always needed to provide temporary care for foster animals who aren’t ready for adoption or when the shelter is full. You can also sign up to walk, bathe, groom, or play with the animals at the shelter, take a dog on a beach outing, or lend a hand at a pet adoption events. 

Join a Canoe Club

Outrigger canoe paddling is a sport that melds tradition, tenacity, and teamwork, and if you think it’s solely reserved for seasoned athletes, think again. Maui has several canoe clubs whose members come from all walks of life and have varying skill levels. Many clubs, including Lae‘ula O Kai and Nā Kai ‘Ewalu, encourage first-timers to give paddling a try and provide opportunities for members to build camaraderie on and off the water. 

Join a Rotary Club 

If you’d like be part of a community-minded group, consider becoming a Rotarian. Maui has 10 Rotary clubs to choose from. Club members meet regularly, socialize at fundraisers and special events, and participate in a range of service projects, including awarding scholarships to college-bound students, distributing dictionaries to third graders at local schools, sponsoring electronic recycling events, and installing lifesaving rescue tubes at local beach parks. 

Help Keep Maui Beautiful  

A beach, ocean, or park cleanup is equal parts fun and rewarding. Mālama Maui Nui (in Hawaiian, mālama means “take care”) is a nonprofit organization that engages the community in litter prevention, recycling and beautification efforts. Among other things, the nonprofit hosts cleanup campaigns throughout the year and volunteers are always needed. You can also organize your own. Just pick the spot and Mālama Maui Nui will provide the tools (like trash pickers, gloves, bags, and buckets) you need for a successful cleanup.   

For Kids:

Maui offers community-building opportunities for kids, too. Located at Paia Bay, the Paia Youth & Cultural Center (PYCC) offers a variety of social, educational, cultural, vocational, and recreational activities. Its structured clubs and programs include radiOpio (PYCC’s kid-operated radio station), the Paia Bay Café (a life skills cooking program), and StoneWave Skate Park. PYCC membership is free for kids ages 9 to 19. 

Maui also has six Boys & Girls Clubs, collectively known as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui, that serve more than 9,000 youth annually through after school and summer programs. Club members between the ages of 9 and 17 years old (some clubs serve kids as young as six) have an opportunity to develop social skills, express themselves creatively, participate in sports, and have fun—all in a safe place. 


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June 26, 2020

Hawaii's New Covid-19 Pre-Travel Protocol


Hawai'i has announced NEW Pre-Travel Testing Protocol in order to combat COVID-19 and reduce the islands potential exposure.  Governor David Ige has announced new protocols effective August 1st for travelers visiting the islands from out of state.  So if you're planning on making a trip to Hawai'i or coming back home, be sure to know the new procedures.

Beginning August 1st, proof of a negative COVID test result prior to arriving in the islands in order to avoid the mandatory 14-day quarantine upon entering the state.  If you're unable to provide proof of a negative test or chose not to take one then you will be required to observe the 14-day quarantine.

We've provided some links to various resources about travel to Hawai'i below. Be sure to complete your own research to stay up to date on the policies and procedures before traveling to Hawai'i.  We are all eager to get back to the way things were, but we hope that you'll continue to abide by the recommendations from the CDC about social / physical distancing and wearing a mask. Stay Safe. Stay informed. 

Additional Covid-19 & Hawai'i Travel Resources:

Do you have any resources we can add to the list?  Let us know! 

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June 11, 2020

Where to Live in Maui

If you have decided to move to Maui, the most beautiful island in the world (we’re a little biased), know that there are a number of choices to consider.  In no particular order, here are 5 of the top places to live in Maui.



(pronounced Pie-E-A) Located on the north shore of Maui, Paia offers a quick walk to the Island’s best surf spots. You can enjoy kite surfing, boogie boarding, windsurfing, and body surfing. Paia is fortunate enough to be steps away from the best beaches on Maui. 

The town is very easily walkable, surrounded by local stores, eateries, art galleries and cozy cafes.  Moreover, if you choose to live in Paia, Maui, you will have wide-ranging small businesses, high-end boutique stores, massage therapists, bars & restaurants, tattoo shops, gas stations, or surf shops just around the corner. With so much near you, you may never want to leave the town.

In Paia, the weather is near perfect year-round, and the locals are amicable. The town is quite small, and host to historical locations like Old Paia Sugar Mill, churches & temples. The demand for housing is high is the Paia area.  For those residents and visitors to Maui looking to maintain an active lifestyle, Paia is definitely the place for you!

View the Paia Market Report, here.


Lahaina (pronounced La-Hi-Na) is one of the main areas of western Maui full of action, adventure, and leisure! The western coast of the Island has the most beautiful beaches ideal for surfing, foil boarding, SUP, SCUBA, snorkeling, and beach camping.

While visiting or living in Lahaina, you can experience the most exquisite sunset with the most beautiful scenery. From December through April, tourists flood the area for whale watching. Lahaina Front Street is a charming place where it’s fun to walk the street pop into art exhibits, see the banyan tree park, and explore! Exquisite ocean views, golf courses, West Maui Skate Park, historical sites, and a large number of restaurants make Lahaina one of the most wanted towns of the Island.

Lahaina has all the necessary local amenities, including grocery stores, post office, gas stations, banks, fire stations, community centers, shopping options, public and paid parking, yoga & fitness center, and a very happening nightlife.  If you want a lively beach night, Lahaina is the place for you!

View the Lahaina market report, here.



Makawao (pronounced MAKA-WOW) is a beautiful area located in Upcountry Maui. The city has small local restaurants, cafes, and art galleries situated on a high elevation with beautiful views. The views consist of miles of crystal-clear ocean, beautifully patterned clouds, and the most picturesque scenery. The location is not crowded, and the town receives few tourists. Makawao’s amenities are within walking distance or a quick public transport away. 

Makawao is a small town, with soil that is perfect for having your own garden. You may have to travel to nearby Kahului for essentials. As it is a more rural area of Maui, most of the homes are single-family homes.

The weather in the town is calm.  If you’re lucky, you may also have a glimpse of Oprah! Makawao is known for hosting music events in year-round, beautiful weather.

View the Makawao market report, here.


Haiku is another excellent option to choose for living on Maui Island, a bit off the beaten path.  While generally not full of tourists, if you plan to live in Haiku it is an ideal location for families or young children who need to be entertained. As the demand is quite high, the market moves quickly. You can rent or buy real estate in Haiku and enjoy surfing, windsurfing, SUPing, kitesurfing, or tow surfing from your own backyard. Ho‘okipa Beach is about 20 minutes away offers the biggest waves for the adventurous surfers and on especially windy days you can find an award-winning show of expert kite and windsurfers.

The town center and marketplace of Haiku offers almost necessities. You will easily find restaurants, general stores, community centers, boutiques, fitness centers, and unique boutique food trucks. Haiku offers the most delicious food, including wood-fired Pizza, vegetarian cuisine, and many more exciting options.

The North Shore of Maui is famous for stunning waterfalls and picturesque scenery. The waterfalls include the Twin Falls and the Makapipi Falls.

Haiku Elementary School and Root school are the best for kids. The lifestyle and community of Haiku are quite easily adjustable and welcoming.



(pronounced Key-Hey) If you don’t know the island you may not be familiar with Kihei. Kihei is another beautiful town of Maui filled with beaches with soft sand stretching for miles. Everywhere in Kihei is 5 minutes from a beach! The most notable beaches are Charley Young Beach, Kamaole beach, and the Keawakapu. In winter, you can see the whales breaching the beaches and swimming freely. A few miles from the beaches, beautiful resorts are offering the most delicious cuisines.

If you are interested in snorkeling, Makena is the most incredible snorkeling location on the Island and is just a short drive away.

Kihei has everything except a hospital! Local businesses include three grocery stores, post office, libraries, community centers, dozens of restaurants, shopping centers, movie theatres, golf courses, and stage shows. The town is just a 25-minute drive from the airport of Kahului. Kahului has all the big stores, the market for groceries and home goods.

The property values in Kehei are quite high, but there are many condos and rental units available. View a Kehei market report, here.

Wrap up

Maui is an exquisite island and too big to be covered in one blog. The small towns may be located close to each other, but they are all still individually unique. If you plan to move to the beautiful island of Maui, there are so many things to consider, be sure to give us a call. Tell us about your lifestyle and we’re happy to make suggestions on areas that will suit your needs!


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July 31, 2017

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